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One of our biggest fears we have when it comes to visiting a lawyer are their fees. As a consequence, many people choose not to seek professional legal assistance, often causing more complicated and costly situations.

It is important that our clients understand how we charge fees. We do our best to ensure that our clients are well aware, from the outset, of the fees they can expect to pay.

We also focus on providing affordable advice and representation in Court by offering various types of fee structures.

By having various different types of fee structures, we try attempt to make sure that our clients will not receive an unexpected and unpleasant invoice at the conclusion of their matter.

Fixed Fee

We offer most of our legal services at a fixed fee. At our initial conference together, we will discuss with you your matter in detail, take instructions from you and consider any relevant documentation. After understanding your unique circumstances, and the amount of time that is likely to be involved with your work, we will provide you with a fixed fee quotation that we intend to charge for our services. We aim to provide you with financial certainty.

Hourly Rate

In matters where it is more difficult to predict precisely what the total legal fees will be, we will charge on an hourly rate basis for our solicitor’s time, but we will provide a written quote, up-front, that sets out an estimate of the total legal fees that we might charge in your particular legal matter.

We recognise the biggest problem with charging hourly rates is often a lack of transparency by legal practitioners generally. That is why we ensure that our clients are provided with an estimate of costs, up-front, in writing, prior to commencing our work, as well as regular future updates and estimates of our ongoing fees at every stage of your matter.

Staged Billing

Staged billing is a milestone based fees structure that sets a certain fee payable for each stage completed in the process. Similar to fixed fees, staged billing is a transparent and easy to understand fee system where you will know exactly what you are paying and how much you will be paying, at each stage of your matter. We do our best to break down your matter into stages. We sometimes offer staged billing in complicated and lengthy matters.

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